Proof of Skill

Proof of Skill protocol is a decentralized protocol that validates a student's expertise in specific skills through consensus from multiple expert validators, resulting in a digitally verifiable credential.

The learning journey today is completely decentralized. We're learning from a bunch of different places - MOOCs, CBCs, YouTube, StackOverflow, Tutorials, Docs, Communities, Wikipedia, Twitter etc. Thanks to the Internet, anyone with a computer can learn & buidl any skill they'd like, and kick start their career without spending any $.

Degree as a signal of competency is failing us. Whether you have or don't have a degree, says nothing about the skills you have learnt. And to top this up, there is no real way to verify & trust someone's claim on the skills they know without taking a leap of faith.

As a result of this, Orgs struggle to verify the skills of candidates. This has resulted in all kinds of problems - time & resource consuming hiring processes, lot of deserving candidates being unemployed, degree inflation & a pay-to-win model of higher education etc.

The Proof Of Skill protocol will build decentralized, trusted and un-biased credentials thus providing an objective & transparent way for candidates to showcase their abilities to those looking to hire them for work.

Curious much?

Building a decentralized credentialing protocol is a mammoth task and we're going to need all the help we can get. If you'd like to stay updated & help build Proof Of Skill, please subscribe.